GTA 6 Patents Advanced Locomotion for Realistic Animations

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GTA 6 Patents Advanced Locomotion for Realistic Animations

Take-Two has secured a patent for new animation technology aimed at delivering more nuanced and lifelike animations in Grand Theft Auto 6.

Reddit user u/Tobbelobben30, who linked Tobias Kleanthous with the recent GTA 6 leaks, found that Kleanthous, a former Rockstar employee, had a hand in AI/gameplay and animation from 2014 to 2021.

Kleanthous, listed as the primary inventor of a patent titled “System and Method for Virtual Character Locomotion,” outlines on LinkedIn a technology he developed at Rockstar for animated movement control. Tobbelobben30 analyzed the patent, now removed from public access, noting that it introduces a modular approach to character animation, where small “blocks” of movement can be blended to form complex, realistic animations.

This system could, for example, dynamically alter a character’s movements to reflect walking in rain, exhibiting fatigue, or reacting to injuries.

This Take-Two Patent About GTA 6 Hints Towards Highly Dynamic and Realistic Animations
byu/Tobbelobben30 inGTA6

“Rather than creating individual animations for specific scenarios, this modular system constructs character movement organically,” says Tobbelobben30, who suggests this technology will allow “GTA 6 to showcase a variety of detailed and realistic animations.” Players can expect to see in-game characters whose movements naturally align with environmental conditions, their physical state, and any injuries they may sustain, enhancing the game’s overall immersion.

“This approach equips characters with the ability to respond to a multitude of scenarios, breathing life into the game world and amplifying its excitement,” they added.

In related developments, the young individual accused of hacking into several companies, including Uber, Nvidia, and Rockstar, the studio behind GTA 6, has been declared unfit for trial.

Arion Kurtaj, now 18, was involved with the Lapsus$ hacking group at the age of 17 when he leaked numerous files from the yet-to-be-revealed Grand Theft Auto 6. He currently faces trial for a dozen charges, which encompass blackmail, fraud, and breaches of the Computer Misuse Act, following his threat to leak Rockstar’s source code via a company-wide Slack message.

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