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If we look to the past, we will see, that in GTA series of game we can find lot of adventure, action and crimes. Very often these things becomes the reasons why a lot of fans of this game are waiting for the new version. As we all know the success of GTA 5 was very huge and at the moment lot of fans are waiting for GTA 6.

GTA 6 are related with the updates. So, in this article you can find it.

About the game GRAND Theft Auto 6

So, the fans of GTA had opportunity to appreciate GTA 5 and they are waiting GTA 6 at the moment. If we look to the past, we will see that GTA 5 is the most fastest selling video game in the history. Of course, it is a good new for the Rockstar company. Let talk about an amazing fact – Rockstar earned more that US$1 billion in its first three days. It is a very big amount and huge evaluation for the company. From this fact we can make a conclusion that the next parts of GTA will be successful too. Also we can make a conclusion that next part of GTA guarantee a big amount of money for the Rockstar.

Release date of GTA 6

We said that after GTA 5, lot of fans are waiting GTA 6, but the important fact is that we can’t find information when it will be. However we have some information about others things – we know that in GTA 6 we will find improved graphics elements and parameters.

As we said yet, there is no information about that when the GTA 6 will be released, but we can find important things – the President of company said, that for GTA 6 creating they have more than 45 years experience. So, we can make conclusion, that for this reason will we have a very high quality game. Moreover, we can find sources, who claims that GTA 6 be released in 2018. Is it truth or not? We will see it very soon.

Name Developer Year
Grand Theft Auto DMA Design 1997
Grand Theft Auto, London or (2) DMA Design 1997
Grand theft Auto III DMA Design 2001
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Rockstar North 2002
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Rockstar North 2004
Grand Theft Auto: IV Rockstar North 2008
Grand Theft Auto: V Rockstar North 2013
Grand Theft Auto: 6 (GTA 6 / VI) Rockstar North 2024?

A past it that thing which we can analyzing if we want to know when GTA 6 will be releasing. So, if we look to the past, we can make assumption that we will have GTA 6 in 2024.

Update On 16 September 2014

16 Semptember 2014is a date, when we had one more update about the GTA 6. The new is that, all rumours about GTA 6 release date is June – July 2017 are fake. So, if you were waiting GTA 6 in 2017, this is bad new for you, because we will have GTA 6 later than 2017. In the other hand, there is no reason to believe it, because we don’t have direct official confirmation from Rockstar Games. So, till we don’t have official confirmation from the company, we can hope, that we will have GTA 6 in 2017.

Update on 18th February 2016

There is one more update about GTA 6. Luckily, it is a good new – the President of Rockstar games don’t confirmed the rumours, that GTA 6 will be released in 2020.

GTA 6 platform

One more important thing is GTA platform. Lot of game fans have a hope, that GTA 6 will be released for the newest console PS4 and Xbox One. It seems, the dream of fans can become a reality – in one of his reports, the President Leslie Benzie said, the he hope GTA 6 will be released for PC platform.

PS4: As we all know, Play Station 4 is the latest console in the gaming zone. The good new is that has recently launched some updates for GTA 5 for PS4. So, as we can see, the fans of the game will have a big variety.

Xbox One: Also had the resources which is yet to be utilized by Rockstar to improve and game quality.

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It is important to say, that there is a opportunity, that GTA 6 might also be available for those consoles too.

GTA features (a little bit of rumours)
This is the most wanted feature of GTA 6.
We have a hope that this list will be update in future.
Protagonist of female

We all remember the female protagonist in GTA 5 but we also can remember that, it was criticized. So, know we can only guess, do the female protagonist in GTA 6 is good idea or not. Anyway, we will see the truth very soon.

VR Compability

VR this is virtual reality. It means that the player is part of the game. It sounds a little bit dramatically, but it is one of the greatest advantage.

Bring 1970’s Back

Do you know the wishes of GTA fans? One of wishes is that GTA fans want to see this game in retro style. We can only quess why they want to see GTA in retro style, but we see that number of fans, which has such wish, is huge – lot of opinion like this we can find on the internet.

New Places

This is one more good new – there are some rumours, that in GTA 6 we will see different places. So, we can make a conclusion that in GTA 6 we will see different places than we saw in GTA 5.

More Adventure

We said, that the adventures is that things why fans love this game so much. But the good new is that, in GTA 6 we will have more adventures that we had it in GTA 5.

Customize the Main Character

We know that fans would love to customize the main character before playing the game. Appearance, looks and cloths are these things which the fans of game would like to customize.

More Missions

There is one more thing – in GTA 6 we will have more missions. For example, the players will have a mission to robe the bank.

More Realism

One of the most important thing which want to find the players of the game, is realism. Goo new is that in GTA 6 we will have more parameters and functions which quarantee realism. The realism will quarantee more pleasure.

Houses Changes and More Vehicles

Let to know more about some differences again. The good new is that in GTA 6 we will have houses change and more vehicles. The lovers of the game will see more houses than in GTA 5. The most important fact is that in GTA 6 should be a feature to edit the house details. The players of the game will find and more vehicles also. For example you will see 1967 Shelby GT500, Hot Rods, 1950’s Ford Pickup Truck,1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck or Chevy SS Camaros.

More Stylish Clothes

Clothes are very important part not only in the real life, but and in the video games. Everyone wants to have very stylish clothes and the player of video game isn’t an exeption. So, the good new s that in GTA 6 we will see more stylish clothes that we saw in GTA 5.

Other Features

There are some information about other features. One of them is that to customize some vehicle and guns to the way they want. Would you like to know more? Here you can find more GTA 6 feature listed.

GTA Places

About this segment we can hear a lot of rumours. For example, we can find sources who claims that the location of GTA 6 can be New York or Los Angeles. And what about you? What of this city you would like to see in GTA 6?

GTA 6 Characters

The GTA 6 character is that segment for which we would like to show more attention than for other segments of this game. We can find lot of sources which claims that GTA 6 protagonist will be a female. We can make conclusion that lot of fans would like to see female protagonist in GTA 6. It will come true or not, we will see very soon. And what about that are saying the President of company? He says, there is an opportunity that players will see female protagonist in GTA 6. But is not the all rumours, which we can find about the characters of GTA 6: it is important to say that we can find ad rumours about that protagonists of GTA 6 will be Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling.

GTA 6 Gameplay Trailer Video (Fan-made)

At the moment we can find the trailer is 1 minutes 43 seconds in length. The elements which we can see in this gameplay trailer are cool cars and fights. You can see it, too.

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