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What is Grand Theft Auto 6?

There is very important question and we have to find answer to this: what is Grand Theft Auto 6? If we want to know answer, we must to say that Grand Theft Auto is sequel of GTA series. As we all know, the last part of GTA 6 was GTA 5 and the successful of it was huge.
But this is not what we can say about it – it is important to notice, that GTA is adventure – action game. The series was created by Dan and Sam Houser, Leslie Benzie and Aaron Garbut. In this game the player can choose missions to progress an overall story. Moreover, there we can find and driving, third-person shooting, occasional role-playing, stealth, and racing elements.

Is the GTA 6 Confirmed?

This is one of the most important things and the question to it wants to know lot of fans. It is related with another question –when we will have GTA 6. So, if we want to know answers to this question, first of all we must to remember this fact: the President of company Leslie Benzie said, that for GTA 6 creating they have more than 45 years experience. So, from this fact we can make an assumption that GTA 6 will released for real.

Moreover, it important to notice, that GTA 6 are related with the rumours. What are the most popular rumours about this game? Here you can find some.

Key Features Rumored In GTA 6:

So, let’s to know what rumours are most popular.
1. New time arena
One of the most popular rumour is that in GTA 6 we will find new arena. We still don’t know what it will be, but if we will look to the past, we will see, that the arena of GTA was London.
2. New adventure
The adventures are that thing what players wants to find in every video games. It seems, that players will be happy if they will choose GTA 6 –if we believe in rumours, in GTA 6 we will find more adventures.
3. Female protagonist
There is one more popular rumour – in GTA 6 we will see female protagonist. Is it truth or not, we don’t know yet, but we can find some sources, which claims that.
4. GTA 6: To Take Place In 1970
One more rumour which we can hear about this game is that, GTA style will be retro style. It is important to say that lot of fans wants to see this game in this style.

Rumours or not?

GTA 6 release date has been tentatively set for July 2017
Is it truth or rumours? If it truth, than we can play GTA 6 very soon, but if it rumours, that we still don’t know when we can do it. Anyway, it is important to notice, what about this are saying the President of company. He says, that his still don’t answer.

GTA 6 will return to Vice City
This is one more statement we still don’t know is it truth or not. However, we can make a assumption that lot of fans would like that this statement will come true, because as we can see Vice city was very successful game. Very important fact – over 20 million copies were sold. Of course, it was very good new for the company.

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