GTA 6: Mysterious Shirt Is Teasing GTA 6?

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GTA 6: Mysterious Shirt Is Teasing GTA 6?

Do you hear that? The soft roar of thousands of Grand Theft Auto fans buzzing online about the newest (potential) GTA 6 conspiracy. This time, it involves a peculiar shirt with a cryptic message that made a brief appearance in GTA Online following the most recent update. Although the shirt seems to have vanished now, the enigma surrounding it persists as players online discuss its true meaning.

On Tuesday, Rockstar launched the latest major, free update for GTA Online—its enduring online open-world crime simulation—and while it introduced new missions and an impressive career tracker, it also frustrated fans by eliminating 180+ cars. To make matters worse, some of those cars were reintroduced behind a paywall, further aggravating players. Not great! However, Rockstar’s most recent GTA Online update didn’t just annoy fans; it baffled them as well. That’s because a new shirt and a separate in-game texture were discovered, seemingly hinting at a future revelation.

GTA Online’s strange new mystery shirt

As observed by GTA Net, a fresh shirt appeared in shops throughout Los Santos shortly after the release of the new update. The t-shirt could be found under a category titled “GTA V Anniversary” and had an unusual name: ???

On the front of the shirt, there was an intriguing image consisting of various symbols and numbers. Players rapidly deciphered the numbers using a straightforward online A1Z26 decoding tool.

The concealed message on the shirt was unveiled as: ONEDAYWILLREVEALALL, which translates to “one day will reveal all.”

Reveal what, you ask? Naturally, fans instantly connected the dots to Grand Theft Auto 6, assuming this was the initial phase of a broader ARG or marketing campaign for the forthcoming open-world sequel. (The game hasn’t been officially named yet, so it might not even be called GTA 6.)

Shortly after the shirt (and a laptop displaying its own enigmatic hidden message) were discovered, the mysterious clothing item was discreetly removed from GTA Online. What’s happening? Is this just another intricate component of a larger puzzle leading to the unveiling of GTA 6’s first trailer? Well, it’s possible, or it’s more likely a teaser for an upcoming Halloween event that was activated earlier than Rockstar intended.

Kotaku has contacted Rockstar for clarification regarding the shirt and its significance.

The GTA Online shirt is likely teasing a Halloween event, not GTA 6

What month did GTA Online make its debut? October 2013. (GTA V itself was released in September.) Thus, the new shirt, which was temporarily found in-game under the “GTA V Anniversary” category, is likely related to the 10-year anniversary of GTA Online, which falls in October, also known as the spooky month. Rockstar has a history of organizing elaborate Halloween-themed events.

It’s worth noting that 99 percent of the time, these mysteries and conspiracies surrounding Rockstar Games and GTA 6 lead to nothing. Considering all this, it’s highly improbable that this is a teaser for the next Grand Theft Auto game. It’s more plausible that Rockstar is hinting at a Halloween event, albeit slightly ahead of schedule.

Frankly, the most convincing GTA 6 hint we’ve received recently came from Take-Two Interactive’s earnings report, which predicted a massive, historically unprecedented, profit increase in 2024. This strongly implies that a game of GTA 6’s magnitude is set to release next year. So, while this shirt mystery may be a dead end, it’s likely we won’t have to wait much longer before Rockstar begins teasing its next major game—the first new GTA title in a decade—in some way or another. And GTA players will be eagerly anticipating the moment it happens, ready to get excited about it.

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