Comparison of Original Vice City and GTA 6 in Images

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Comparison of Original Vice City and GTA 6 in Images

A dedicated fan has made a striking comparison between scenes from the recently released Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer and the 2002 classic, GTA: Vice City, showcasing significant advancements. This comparison comes after the GTA 6 trailer reaffirmed the return to Vice City and introduced the game’s main characters, along with a preview of its expansive map.

The gaming community has eagerly awaited Rockstar’s next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series for a decade. Despite a substantial leak last year revealing details about GTA 6, Rockstar reassured fans that the game’s development remained unaffected. The eagerly anticipated trailer, although leaked a day early, made a huge impact, amassing over 90 million views in just 24 hours on YouTube. The trailer highlighted the game’s dual protagonists, drawing inspiration from the notorious duo Bonnie and Clyde.

On Reddit, user Enough-Engineering41 showcased the evolution of Vice City by juxtaposing images from the original game against those in the GTA 6 trailer. Iconic locations like Vice Beach and neon-bordered streets, significantly revamped in the new trailer, highlight the two decades of technological progress. Additionally, comparisons of real Miami locations to the GTA 6 visuals have left fans impressed by Rockstar’s meticulous detail.

Old Vice City vs New Vice City [OC]
byu/Enough-Engineering41 inGTA6

Rockstar has revealed that GTA 6 will take place in the state of Leonida, extending beyond Vice City’s borders, suggesting a vast and diverse game world.

Gamers are meticulously analyzing the GTA 6 trailer for clues about the storyline, characters, and setting. For example, one fan noticed that Lucia, a protagonist, wears an ankle monitor, hinting at potential gameplay dynamics. Another pointed out the realistic movement of Lucia’s car seat, reflecting Rockstar’s attention to detail. There’s also speculation about a possible Easter egg referencing Lance Vance from the original Vice City.

As of now, Rockstar has confirmed GTA 6’s release for PS5 and Xbox Series X, with no specific mention of a PC launch. With the game slated for a 2025 release, much could change in the interim, leaving room for speculation and excitement among fans.

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