One more time about the very old new: GTA 6 confirmed in development

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One more time about the very old new: GTA 6 confirmed in development

The GTA 6 confirmed in development – this is the rumour, which we know yet. This fact we know from the Leslie Benzie interview 2013 years. Despite the fact that is a very old new, let’s talk about it one more time.

Some sources claims, that GTA 6 in confirmed in development. This new is not surprise, but the surprise is another fact: lot of game fans are still waiting GTA 5 version for PC.

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Leslie Benzie, a President of Rockstar Games, which is a multinational video game developer and publisher, said one more important fact: We don’t know what GTA 6 will be, but we’ve got some ideas.” This is a phrase from his interview.

We can make a conclusion, that this is not confirmation about the game’s next version. However, from this statement we an understand that there is idea to make it real.

A president claims, that everything depends parameters on the settings – if everything will be fine, the next version of GTA will be released very soon.

Leslie Benzie declare one more interesting and important fact: GTA 5 was released when the GTA 4 was three years old. As we can see from these details, it is difficult to say what can be a date of game releasing.

But there not all, what Leslie Benzie was talking about: he said, that the company has more than 45 years of experience. Moreover, he said that the company put lot of efforts and time for the Grand Theft Auto. So this period is enough to make unique and fabulous GTA 6. It is important to say, that the President was talking and about the others plans of company.

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It is important to say, that GTA 6 is one most successful and stable games of Rockstar. The initiators of the games were Dan and Sam Houser. Leslie Benzie became a member of team very soon.

It is important to notice, that the game today has lot of versions, the storyline of it remained the same.

This is not difficult to notice, how much people loves this games – it is very popular. Moreover, the fans of this games always are waiting for the news about this game. It is not difficult to notice, that some news about this games isn’t truth, it is rumours. Anyway, it is unavoidable. And what about you? Are you the fan of this games? Are waiting for the news about this game? Do you believe in rumours?

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