New time arena in GTA 6

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New time arena in GTA 6

A huge success of GTA 5 make the fans dream about GTA 6 coming out, also about its the new features and next level quality adventure. The Rockstar Games did not officially confirmed that GTA 6 will be released, though rumors that float around confirms the development of the game.

GTA 6 fans are discussing lots of new expected features, which we are constantly sharing. Top discussed feature is female as the main character in the game, and the second after that – time arena in GTA 6.

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What is that new time arena in GTA 6?
Looking back from the current perspective, Grand Theft Auto game series reach the year of 1986 with time arena in Vice city, after that the GTA game in San Andreas followed (year of 1992). In 2001, GTA III and the last series were a bit upgraded and raised the game to the modern times.

GTA London game series set a standard for the new style of the game. They had new theme and various events in GTA: London (1969) and GTA: London (1961), with this series Rockstar Games has taken the game to 1960, which was a new streak.

In GTA 6 we are expecting to see a new time arena, as in the last two games the modern times were a thing. Now the fans a striving to see either science fiction based time arena or the game being brought back to retro times.

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Bringing GTA 6 to the future would open the gates to thrilling adventures and unstoppable creativity flow. It would allow designers and developers take themselves to another level and re-write Grand Theft Auto series among the GTA fans.

What do you think about new time arena in the upcoming game? Please share your ideas and stay tuned to the new updates on upcoming game.

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