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GTA fans already knows, what will be the most important things in GTA 6 – there you will find an amazing solutions of graphics. Moreover, there will be even more features. So, you can enjoy even better game and have excellent leisure. As we all know, GTA 5 was very successful, so GTA 6 must to justify our expectations too.

As we all know, the name of city, where GTA 5 happened, is Los Santos. Today we can hear questions and answers, where GTA 6 will happen, but we didn’t know exactly.

So, GTA 4 happened in the city Liberty City and the GTA 5 happened in the city Los Santos. Some sources claim, that GTA 6 take place in the city Vice city 2. However, the fans of games, would like to see and others amazing cities.

On the other hand, we must to remember, that game happened not only in JAV. For example, Grand Theft Auto: London, took a place in London. So, we must to say, that there are a lot of wonderful cities for GTA 6. And we have a few suggestions. Learn more about them!

1. Tokyo
What is special about this city of Japan? It is special, because there we can find many different things: amazing design, classical Japanese culture and traditions, western culture, various races and nationalities. But that’s isn’t all – nightlife, city lights, small islands, it is reasons, why we must to find out the Tokyo.

2. Las Vegas
Most people say that, Las Vegas is one of the most amazing places in the world. It is not difficult to understand why Las Vegas is one of the most amazing cities in the world – there we can find a lot of luxury, beauty, attractions and surprises. In our opinion, Las Vegas is and ideal decision and for GTA.

3. Miami
As we know, Miami is 42nd city by area in USA. Here you can find beautiful beaches, luxury hotels. Also, you can swimming in water or have a ride through streets of luxurious city in excellent car. This all, that you need for GTA. And if in the game we will must do various missions in the water, then Miami is good decision for GTA 6.

4. Paris
Paris is a city, that has a lot of fans. So, if the GTA 6 will take place in this city, thousands of people will be happy, that they can enjoy a panorama of Paris. In such case, perhaps some missions will takes place at the famous Eiffel Tower.

Vice Beach, Sin City, Capital City – are a few more places, where GTA 6 can be happened. Nevertheless, we still do not know exactly plan of Rockstar. However, you have a lot of time to say, which places you want to see in this game, because the GTA 6 will be released only after two years.

Below you will find a survey, which aim is to find out, what places must be included in GTA 6. Vote for your favorite. If you don’t find your favorite place, please enter your own.

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