3D Artist’s Resume Outs Grand Theft Auto 6, but is Anyone Surprised?

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3D Artist’s Resume Outs Grand Theft Auto 6, but is Anyone Surprised?

Now that Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the wild, speculation turns to the next game that Rockstar is working on. While many of us would like to see something like a Bully sequel or even another LA Noir (or Agent finally getting the release it deserves), its bread and butter for the last decade or so has been Red Dead and Grand Theft Auto. We probably won’t be getting Red Dead Redemption 3 for a while now, so expectations turn towards Grand Theft Auto 6 as the next major release from the company. A line on a 3D artist’s resume may have confirmed that Rockstar is indeed working on the next game in the beloved and ever-controversial series.

3D Game Artist Bibin Michael had a line on his resume (since deleted) saying that he did work for Rockstar from December 2017 to April 2018, creating “concept vehicles matching with real world for Gta5 dlc and upcoming Gta6 [sic].” The same 3D artist is listed in the “Thank You” section of the Red Dead Redemption 2 credits, so he has indeed done some work for Rockstar, and this lends some credence to the now-deleted mention of Grand Theft Auto 6.

Of course, did anyone really believe that Rockstar wasn’t working on another entry in its biggest franchise? There have already been reports of the next game in the series, and Rockstar boss Dan Houser even made comments about how he was thankful that Grand Theft Auto 6 wasn’t releasing during the Trump presidency due to the current sociopolitical climate. Sounds like a confirmation of the next entry in the series to me.

Though Grand Theft Auto V got a PS4 release, there hasn’t been a new Grand Theft Auto game for the full duration of this generation, not that the series has needed it. Grand Theft Auto V still sits as one of the most-purchased games month after month, more than five years since its initial release. No other game has that kind of staying power. It’s unusual for series to skip entire generations of consoles, but with Rockstar’s pace and attention to meticulous detail (unfortunately often associated with crunch at the studio), the impressive PS5 specs seem like the right place for it to launch its next hyper-successful game. We already know it is working on next-gen anyway, with improved motion capture tools.

Don’t think that this leak means we’ll hear anything about GTA6 anytime soon though. Grand Theft Auto V began development in 2008 and didn’t release until 2013. Rockstar often goes three to five years between each of its major releases, and with RDR2 just releasing in 2018, there’s a good chance we won’t even hear about Grand Theft Auto 6 in an official capacity until about 2020. The next generation of consoles should be in full swing by that point though, so it will be an exciting time to be a gamer, as long as Rockstar has actually assessed the work environment and can create this game in a way that is emotionally and mentally sustainable for its employees.

Credits: Chandler Wood
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